In 2007, I continued to write and edit features for Archaeology and freelanced pieces for Discover and other magazines.

Saving Space Junk
Alice Gorman wants to take archaeology into orbit
November/December 2007: 16

Purple Reign
How ancient Chinese chemists added color to the Emperor’s army
September/October 2007: 25–27

Writing on the Wall
The Graffiti Archaeology Project challenges the definition of archaeology
July/August 2007: 50–53

The Slum and the Sacred Cave
Neglect overtakes one of Mumbai’s most important Hindu sites
May/June 2007: 38–44
Article also includes nine of Samir’s photographs

Diamond Rush
Nineteenth-century wildcatters left their marks on Brazil’s landscape
March/April 2007: 53–58
Article also includes five of Samir’s photographs

Review: Huang Yong Ping, From C to P
May/June 2007: 124–125

Zarina: Edges of Her World
July/August 2007: 72–77

Review: Wang Jin
July/August 2007: 112

Review: Chen Qiulin
September/October 2007: 174–175

Melting Permafrost May Rev Up Global Warming
January 2007:45

Chemistry Turns Straw Into Black Gold
January 2007:54


In 2006, I traveled to the South Pacific on a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship and began to work at Archaeology.


A Community’s Roots
With Frederick Douglass’s help, the past and present come together on a Maryland plantation
November/December 2006: 26–31
Article also included seven of my photographs

A Sinking Feeling
The floods are getting worse in Tuvalu. As scientists argue over climate change and struggle to measure rising seas, Samir S. Patel meets the locals of this tiny island nation.
April 6, 2006: 734–736
Article also includes two of my photographs

The New York Times

Rebuilding the Planes That Took the City Aloft

May 14, 2006: The City 7

Nomenclature: Nanotoxicology
Term on the tipping point
November 2006: 40


The Value of Small Things
Why save what we love to kill?
September 2006: 21


Cleantech Gets Green

Venture capitalists want in on the next wave
May 5, 2006 (Online)
Article also available as a podcast


Cocky Athletes or Successful Psychos?
Inside the mind of the well-adjusted deviant
April 28, 2006 (Online)

Columbia Magazine

Minding the Brain
Neurobiologist Eric Kandel searches for memory, cell by cell
Fall 2006: 36

Pacific Journalism Review

Islands of Understanding
Commentary: Environmental Journalism in the South Pacific
September 2006: 148


In 2005 I completed Columbia Journalism School and began my freelance career, with two pieces in The New York Times, among other stories.

The New York Times

In a Marsh, Sifting the Past and Seeing the Future

November 6, 2005: 14WC
Article also includes two of Samir’s photographs

The New York Times

Museums Use New Tools to Fix Old Works
July 5, 2005: F3
Article also appeared in Bangkok Post, San Juan Star
and Dayton Daily News

Christian Science Monitor

This Suit Is Made for Walking (on Mars)

October 20, 2005:13
Article also appeared on USAToday.com and ABCNews.com

City Limits Weekly

Tidal Wave: Clean Energy Experiment Surges Forward
December 13, 2004

Columbia Science Review
The Catastrophic Overture
Did an extraterrestrial impact at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary kickstart the evolution of large dinosaurs?
Spring 2004

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