In 2009 I made reporting trips to New Mexico (for two crime stories) and India (which resulted in four separate features).

On the Hilltop and Down by the River
Archaeologists search for the roots of southern Indian cities at the site of Kadabakele
September/October 2009 (online exclusive)
Article also includes my photographs

Oceans of Dharma
Can investigating India’s medieval dams provide a model for bringing water to a billion people?
September/October 2009
Article also includes my photographs

Drugs, Guns, and Dirt
Methamphetamine fuels a new epidemic of looting
March/April 2009: 45–47

The Case of the Missing Buffalo Soldier
A grave robbery leads federal authorities to one of the Southwest’s most prolific looters
March/April 2009: 40–44, 62
Article also includes four of my photographs

Diving With a Purpose
An amateur diver finds archaeology
March/April 2009: 16

Swept Away
Rediscovering the ruins of a great medieval center beneath the North Sea
January/February 2009: 43–45