In 2006, I traveled to the South Pacific on a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship and began to work at Archaeology.


A Community’s Roots
With Frederick Douglass’s help, the past and present come together on a Maryland plantation
November/December 2006: 26–31
Article also included seven of my photographs

A Sinking Feeling
The floods are getting worse in Tuvalu. As scientists argue over climate change and struggle to measure rising seas, Samir S. Patel meets the locals of this tiny island nation.
April 6, 2006: 734–736
Article also includes two of my photographs

The New York Times

Rebuilding the Planes That Took the City Aloft

May 14, 2006: The City 7

Nomenclature: Nanotoxicology
Term on the tipping point
November 2006: 40


The Value of Small Things
Why save what we love to kill?
September 2006: 21


Cleantech Gets Green

Venture capitalists want in on the next wave
May 5, 2006 (Online)
Article also available as a podcast


Cocky Athletes or Successful Psychos?
Inside the mind of the well-adjusted deviant
April 28, 2006 (Online)

Columbia Magazine

Minding the Brain
Neurobiologist Eric Kandel searches for memory, cell by cell
Fall 2006: 36

Pacific Journalism Review

Islands of Understanding
Commentary: Environmental Journalism in the South Pacific
September 2006: 148