In 2005 I completed Columbia Journalism School and began my freelance career, with two pieces in The New York Times, among other stories.

The New York Times

In a Marsh, Sifting the Past and Seeing the Future

November 6, 2005: 14WC
Article also includes two of Samir’s photographs

The New York Times

Museums Use New Tools to Fix Old Works
July 5, 2005: F3
Article also appeared in Bangkok Post, San Juan Star
and Dayton Daily News

Christian Science Monitor

This Suit Is Made for Walking (on Mars)

October 20, 2005:13
Article also appeared on USAToday.com and ABCNews.com

City Limits Weekly

Tidal Wave: Clean Energy Experiment Surges Forward
December 13, 2004

Columbia Science Review
The Catastrophic Overture
Did an extraterrestrial impact at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary kickstart the evolution of large dinosaurs?
Spring 2004